Fancy being the new Commissioner of Police? Or how about the new Chief of Medicine? Well, you can potentially be both. Just pick up this 'Mix it up' special promotion and get your hands on both the police and doctor editions of Promote! at a great discounted price.  


Challenge promotions. Take up specialist roles. Skip positions. Become a backstabber or a teacher’s pet. Face suspension or end up on trial at the district court.

How will you fare in the promotion stakes?

MIX IT UP! Buy 1 Police + 1 Doctor Editions

SKU: P0001 + P0002
$119.98 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price
  • Ages 8 to Adult
    Not Suitable for Children under 3 years
    Packaging Dimensions: 27cm x 27cm x 5cm
    2 to 6 Players
    30 to 90 Minutes


    1 x PROMOTE! Gameboard
    6 x Playing Pieces
    6 x Rank Markers
    1 x Standard Die
    1 x Challenge Die
    12 x Challenge Tokens
    110 x Operations Cards
    22 x Administration Cards
    40 x Full Moon Cards
    4 x Specialist Squad Cards
    1 x Instruction Manual